Effective, Reliable and Pro-Active

Task driven professional with a blend of web development, SEO, SEM, Pay-Per-Click and Social Media advertisement and teaching experience with an exceptionally strong sense of ethics, aesthetics and attention to detail.

Featured partner on the Google Partners North America Google+ Community Nov. 2015


Google Advertising Professional
Google Analytics Platform
Yahoo! Search Marketing Ambassador
MSN AdCenter Member of Excellency
Bing Advertising Professional

Google Partner’s Profile – Isabel Galvis


Areas of Expertise

Advanced AdWords support
Advertising on Google
Google Analytics
Comprehensive marketing planning
Mobile and video specialty
Webmaster services
Google Analytics Isabel Galvis

Former Clients Include:

Intelemark: B2B business services Phoenix, AZ.

Dr. William Hall: cosmetic surgeon, Scottsdale, AZ.

Dr. John Bergeron: cosmetic surgeon, Houston TX

Dr. Jafer Joffrey: cosmetic surgeon, Chicago, IL

Dr. Jason Miller: cosmetic surgeon, Durham, NC

Timeless Laser: cosmetic surgery center, Tampa, FL

Exceptional Sales – Connie Kadansky: sales coach and speaker, Phoenix, AZ

All American Properties – Bryan Choate: Scottsdale, AZ

Small Business Services – Betty Charlier: CPA, Phoenix, AZ

X-Pools: pool services, Phoenix, AZ

John Hovland: cattle dealer and financing, Scottsdale, AZ

Dean Graziosi: author and speaker, Phoenix, AZ

Dan Kuschell: sales coach and speaker, Phoenix, AZ

Gold Point Law Group: Legal Services, San Francisco CA

Richard Sapio: financial services, Dallas, TX

Smith Craven: Legal Services, Phoenix AZ

Natural Products – Poderes Naturales: dietary supplements, Las Vegas, NV

Anthony Morrison: author and speaker, Madison, MS

Adrian Morrison: author and speaker, Madison, MS

Tellman Knudson: author and speaker, Provo, UT

DJtalis Photography: photographer, Chorley, UK

Gift of a Wedding: non-profit, Manchester, UK

Rubina Rajan: artist, CANADA

Great Networks Scottsdale, AZ USA (2006-2009)

*Assisted in Server and Client station installation, configuration and maintenance.
* IP, hosting, domain name and e-mail configuration.
*Server backup checkups, MX and AA records set up.
*Windows installation and virus removal.

Interproyectos Ltda Cali, Colombia (2003 – 2006)

*Webmaster responsible for company websites, project manager and backend databases

Foreign Languages

                              SPOKEN                   READ                      WRITTEN    

English              Experienced             Experienced         Experienced

Spanish             Experienced             Experienced         Experienced

French               Amateur                     Amateur                 Amateur

Italian                 Amateur                     Amateur                 Amateur

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