Online Marketing Experience That Gets You Results.

Google AdWords Qualified Individual Yahoo Search Marketing Ambassador Bing Ads Accredited Professional Microsoft AdCenter Member of Excellence

Since the birth of the internet the way that businesses were done has changed dramatically. Having a positive online presence and social media network can greatly affect a business’ bottom line.

Not being found online or having a poor presence can mean complete failure in today’s competitive marketplace. That is why it is so important to place your business’ online marketing and image in the hands of a knowledgeable and effective professional who can guide your and help build your bottom line.

I have been actively working on Digital Marketing since 2006 and I am the person responsible for over 100 million views for a client video on YouTube. Featured partner on the Google Partners North America Google+ Community Nov. 2015

I believe I can bring great value in online promotion for both companies and individuals as I am a passionate individual who is highly adaptive and believes in alternative thinking for problem solution as I am knowledgeable in other platforms both as a marketer and client.

I am a great team player and my clients have always regarded me as reliable, efficient, responsible, professional and friendly.

I hope you find my site interesting and want to thank in advance any interest in my profile.


Google Analytics Isabel Galvis



Over $250,000 PPC quarterly budget managed across 30 client accounts

December 2006 – September 2013

Managed PPC promotion for over 30 clients across multiple platforms such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Bing & Yahoo Advertisement, MySpace Ads and LinkedIn with a budget of over $250,000 managed per quarter.


Over 100 Million Views on YouTube for Client

April 2009 – Present

This video and YouTube publication was created as part of the online marketing plan for Dr. William Hall of Scottsdale AZ. With great success he dominated Google listings both locally and in natural rankings as well as in PPC. I also managed Facebook and other social media platforms for him.

eBook Publishing

January 2013 – May 2013

Produced eBook for Plastic Surgery Procedure on Amazon.

December 2013

Produced eBook for Connie Kadansky on Amazon, Smashwords and Google Play.

PPC and SEO for Author and TV Infomercial Star Dean Graziosi

December 2007 – September 2013

Managed PPC, SEO, SEM, reputation management and social media efforts for client.





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